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High Performance UV-Vis CCD Spectrophotometers
and Fiber Optic Sampling Accessories

400 Series UV/Vis Spectrophotometer with Dip Probe Sampling Accessory

The S. I. Photonics line of 400 Series UV-Vis spectrophotometers offer a revolutionary approach to UV-Vis instrumentation. The latest electro-optical technologies are incorporated into a radically new design, resulting in unprecedented features and performance in a research grade UV-Visible spectrophotometer.

Developed to satisfy the most demanding user applications, the 400 Series UV-Vis spectrophotometers are ideally suited for research, teaching labs, industry, radiometry and color analysis.

Simultaneous, full wavelength spectral analysis is coupled with versatile fiber optic sampling accessories and intuitive software that result in the most complete UV-Vis spectrophotometers available. As a result, the 400 Series Spectrophotometers offer faster data acquisition than conventional scanning spectrophotometers and better sensitivity and resolution than diode array spectrometers. Full wavelength data acquisition is available in seconds with 1 nm resolution

Unmatched Performance and Flexibility in a Technologically Advanced UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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UV-Vis Universal Sampling Bench for use with UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

All 400 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometers are compatible with a wide arrangement of fiber optic sampling accessories to meet virtually any analytical application. Custom fiber optic sampling devices can also be made to meet specific customer needs.

Universal Optics Bench for use with all 400 Series Spectrophotometers

Reflectance and Colorimetry Have Never Been Easier

UV-Vis Reflectance Probe UV-Vis Reflectance Probe for reflectance and colorimetry applications
The 400 Series Spectrophotometers are ideally suited for reflectance measurements and can accommodate fiber optic reflectance probes, ATR probes and integrating spheres. Colorimetry analysis often involves solid or powder sample types of varying size. The ability to use a reflectance probe or an integrating sphere facilitates analysis and greatly enhances your analytical capabilities. These features make the 400 Series Spectrophotometers ideal for color analysis.