UV-Vis Fiber Optics

The highest quality optical fibers are used in the assembly in all of our products. Only high-OH core fibers are capable of UV transmission down to 180 nm making it a key feature in all our assemblies. Fiber optics allow for sophisticated optical designs and footprints not available with traditional fixed optic spectrophotometers. In addition, traditional fixed optics require multiple optical surfaces resulting in a loss of quantum efficiency that is proportional to the number of surface interactions.

The flexible nature of fiber optics allows for dramatically different optical configurations and sampling options. These features allow the 400 Series Spectrophotometers to be used in a variety of applications not available with traditional spectrophotometers.

The wide range of available fiber optic sampling attachments makes the 400 Series spectrometer ideal for routine laboratory use, optical radiometry, color measurement and for situations that present special sampling challenges such as within glove boxes, batch processing and under fume hoods. Our fiber optic probes can be configured for a variety of lengths and applications.