Sample Cuvettes
for UV-Vis Spectroscopy

UV/Vis sample cuvettes are available in a variety of path lengths. They are manufactured with the highest quality quartz glass for optimal UV transmittance or optical glass for accurate and repeatable results. All internal windows are optically polished. The exterior surfaces have two optically polished windows for light transmission and two windows with a rough finish for better grip and ease of handling.

The height is approximately 45 mm and the internal capacity is 3.5 mL. Each comes with a PTFE sample cover.

10 mm Optical Glass Cuvette, PN 6512, $52 each
10 mm Quartz Cuvette, PN 6513, $98 each

If your application requires small sample volumes, our semi-micro flow through cell is a convenient option. By comparison with our standard cuvettes, the semi-micro cuvettes have an internal capacity of 1.4 mL.

10 mm Semi-Micro Quartz Cuvette, PN 6514, $209 each

10 mm Quartz Cuvette

If your application requires a flow through cuvette option, our flow through cuvettes may be a convenient option.

Flow Through Cuvette, PN 1624 $480 each

If your application requires disposable cuvettes, we offer acrylic disposable cuvettes. These are ideal for Gardner color determinations and applications in which the sample could cause damage to standard glass cuvettes.

Disposable Acrylic Cuvettes, PN 1655, $89/ case of 100

Disposal Cuvette