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UV compatible integrating spere for use with Models 430 and 440


Integrating Spheres for Reflectance, Colorimetry and
Radiometry Determinations

400 Series Spectrophotometer with an Integrating Sphere sampling accessory for reflectance and colorimetry applications

bullitS. I. Photonics offers a full line of fiber optic coupled integrating sphere attachments providing for uniform, diffused illumination and total reflectance determination of your sample. They are suitable for solid surface analysis, color analysis and for the measurement of samples of varying gloss texture. The general purpose sphere incorporates a tungsten source lamp and covers the wavelength range from 350 nm - 980 nm. Placement of the lamp within the sphere ensures maximum illumination of the sample thus ensuring optimal reflectivity. An external shutter is included to control the exposure and integration time.

Fiber optic coupling of the sphere to the 400 Series Spectrophotometer allows measurements on large panels and similar sample types that are otherwise impossible to measure with traditional bench top spectrographs and color measuring instruments.

400 Series Integrating Sphere Features

bullit Have ports oriented along three orthogonal axes: two ports on the equator of the sphere at 0° and 90°, plus a port located at the top or north pole of the sphere.

bullit All spheres include a baffle between the 90° and 0° ports, which prevent direct exchange of radiation between them.

bullit Each port is equipped with a port frame designed to accept a variety of illumination assemblies, port reducers, or port plugs.

bullit Each integrating sphere is fitted with threaded base and post mount.

bullit An external shutter and fiber optic patch cord is included and allows for true blank subtraction and precisely controlled integration times.

bullit If equipped with an external xenon light source, the wavelength coverage can be extended from
200 nm - 980 nm.