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Kinetics and Timed Acquisition

One of the most popular features of our UV-Vis software is our kinetics and timed acquisition application. Users can choose to capture full spectra, from 190 nm -980 nm, or up to eleven discrete wavelengths. Users are prompted to select the acquisition interval and the acquisition duration. Data is then saved to file and are available for viewing with our 400 Series software, or exported to Excel.

Users can also choose between absorbance, transmittance, reflectance and intensity acquisition modes. The Timed Acquisition is commonly used for dissolution monitoring and monitoring of chemical reactions such as titrations. In addition, our Timed Acquisition application is a perfect compliment for dip probes and flow through cells.

Many users prefer this option for viewing as it resembles a standard chromatographic chart with concentration plotted against time on the x-axis.

400 Series Timed Acquisition Software for UV-Vis Spectroscopy

Our Kinetics application further expands upon the abilities of our popular timed acquisition feature by allowing viewing of discrete wavelength data as a kinetic plot of raw data or a first order plot with rate constants for each wavelength measured. There is also an option to limit the plot display and rate calculations between two cursors.