UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Optics Benches


The Universal Fiber Optic Sampling Bench is a standard option with all 400 Series Spectrophotometers and accommodates most cuvette types. The 1.0 cm Cuvette Sampling Bench easily connects to all 400 Series Instruments using standard SMA 905 connectors.

The fiber mounts are equipped with two permanent lenses to optimize system efficiency. The source fiber lens collimates the light path of the illumination source lamps as they pass through the sample. The input fiber lens focuses the transmitted light onto the input fiber. Permanent positioning of the lenses and fiber cables in the cuvette holder mounts ensures optimal performance with every use.

The accessory utilizes a spring loaded clamp to maintain proper cuvette position. The standard clamp assembly is constructed of Delrin to gently hold the cell without scratching and Teflon clamps are available as a more corrosive resistant option. The clamp also features a 3/8" threaded port at a right angle to the optical axis, making it suitable for fluorescence applications.

To facilitate small sample volumes, users can opt for micro volume cuvettes or simply insert a spacer into the clamp to minimize the volume of sample required.

Universal Optics Bench for use with all 400 Series Spectrophotomters

The cuvette clamp assembly can be removed and substituted with a glass filter holder that accommodates 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4" thick filter samples. Custom sample inserts for holding bottles, sunglasses and unique sample shapes are jut one of the many services we provide to suit your sample requirements.

Unlike most spectrophotometers, the cuvette sampling bench is attached externally to the spectrometer. Extended length fiber optics are also available allowing for the optics bench to be used in a glove box or hood.

Universal Optics Bench with Optional Glass FIlter Attachment

If your application requires temperature control of your sample throughout the analysis, we also off a thermo-electric cuvette sampling bench. Temperature control is achieved either with a standalone controller or via a serial interface with the PC running the spectrophotometer. The figure to the right demonstrates the TE Cuvette sampling bench configured for fluorescence measurements with the fibers at right angles to one another.

TE Cooled Optics Bench for use with 400 Series Spectrophotometer