Flow Cells
for UV-Vis Spectroscopy


Our UV/Vis fiber optic flow through cells are ideal for demanding applications including process control, chromatography and when monitoring reactions in remote locations. The flow through cell is independent of changes in refractive index and compatible with a variety of sample types including gaseous vapors as well as hazardous and/or corrosive liquids.

For situations in which it is simply not practical to remove a sample aliquot for analysis, or too dangerous, the S.I. Photonics fiber optic flow through cell is the perfect sampling accessory. Constructed entirely of 316 stainless steel, the flow through cell is virtually maintenance free and ideal for all UV/Vis spectroscopy applications. The small size and variable length fiber optic cables allow the flow through cell to be mounted just about anywhere. If desired, quartz sleeves can be incorporated into the flow through cell for maximum versatility.

Flow Through Cell Assembly, PN 1853-SS, $600



If your application requires small flow rates, our micro flow through cell is a convenient option. The flow cell is compatible with standard HPLC and PEEK fittings and the pathlengths and flow volumes can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Small Volume Flow Cell PN 1583-CE, $500

If your application requires flow through analysis but you prefer the convenience of a standard cuvette assembly, we offer a variety of flow through cell configurations with user specified pathlengths and flow rates. As with our standard cuvettes, the flow through cuvette is offered in either an optical glass or UV quartz option to meet the wavelength range necessary for your application.

Optical Glass Flow Through Cuvette, PN 1902, $300
UV Quartz Flow Through Cuvette, PN 1903, $350


Can't find a flow cell suitable for you application? Custom configurations are our specialty so please contact our Technical Support Department to discuss options. We can configure a variety of flow cells to meet almost any requirement. Because of the flexibility allowed with fiber optics, we can configure flow cells for use in immersion baths, glove boxes, hoods and other unique circumstances.

The piece pictured in this application is a 1/8" stainless steel flow through cell with fiber optic leads bent 90 degrees to facilitate insertion into a heated bath for control of experimental conditions.