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UV-Vis CCD Spectrophotometers


We are proud to offer four distinct models in the 400 Series line of spectrophotometers. All 400 Series spectrophotometers utilize fiber optic sampling accessories and are sold as complete systems that include software, cables, manuals and your choice of a sampling accessory.

UV-Vis Fiber Optic Sampling Accessories

Fiber Optic Sampling Bench

All 400 Series spectrophotometers can utilize a variety of fiber optic sampling accessories thereby easily adapting to your present analytical needs as well as able to accommodate analysis needs that may arise in the future.

UV-Vis Software Options

UV-Vis Software

The 400 Series spectrophotometers offer comprehensive software packages to easily accommodate virtually all of your analytical needs. In addition, S. I. Photonics routinely develops user specific software and custom software configurations to meet customer needs.

Consumable Supplies, Replacement Lamps & Reference Standards

Tungsten Halogen Lamp

Supplies such as quartz cuvettes, disposable cuvettes, replacement lamps and reference chemicals are consumable supplies that are needed from time to time. S. I. Photonics is proud to offer these items to compliment your analysis and ensure optimal system performance.