single source UV-Vis
Reflectance Probe


If your application requires a larger sampling area, an integrating sphere may provide a suitable option for your reflectance determinations.

Reflectance Probes
for UV-Vis Spectroscopy


400 Series Spectrophotomter Reflectance Probe

The 400 Series Reflectance Probes are ideal for measuring the reflectance and absorption characteristics of solid surfaces, powdered substrates and liquids.

The UV/Vis reflectance probes cover the wavelength range from 190 - 980 nm.

Two versions of our UV/Vis Reflectance Probes are available to accommodate single and dual source configurations for added convenience

The fiber optic Reflectance Probes are extremely valuable for a variety of applications where traditional spectrophotometers simply are not feasible such as production lines and process control situations. Unlike most UV-Vis spectrophotometers that require users to place a liquid sample into a cuvette assembly located within the instrument before an analysis can be performed, the fiber optic UV/Vis Reflectance Probe allows users to perform analyses on site and other than liquid samples thus saving time and expense.

The UV/Vis Reflectance Probes consist of a single 400 µm input fiber encircled by 200 µm source fibers providing 360° of illumination of a spot approximately 3 mm in diameter. The reflected light is transmitted back to the spectrophotometer by the centrally located input fiber. The dual source version is encircled by an additional row of fibers allowing both UV and visible wavelength regions to be monitored simultaneously for added convenience.