Support Services for UV-Vis Spectrophotometers


Repair and Service

The 400 Series Spectrophotometers are extremely rugged and virtually indestructible. Because the optical shutters are the only moving parts, users can expect many years of trouble free use. However, we do realize that problems may arise from time to time which may require service. Whether it is a realignment of a dip probe, repair of a damaged fiber optic assembly, S. I. Photonics will rapidly restore your system to its peak operating condition and most repairs can be completed in under 48 hours.

Application Support

A large portion of our clients require custom configurations and sampling accessories to meet the demanding analytical needs required in their application and S. I. Photonics is proud to have clients and users in a variety of industries and academic research throughout the world. This level of expertise provides a large database of experience to draw from in order to assist you in designing an optimal system for your application. Our application chemists are always available to assist and are available to run samples for prospective clients.

Custom Software

Custom software or reporting features are common for industrial applications in order to facilitate quality assurance documentation requirements. S. I. Photonics can provide custom software and reporting features. In addition, a Spanish version of the UV-Vis control software is available for our Spanish speaking customers.

Loaner Equipment

Should your instrument require repair, S. I. Photonics can provide a loaner instrument thereby minimizing downtime. In addition, if you are considering expanding your analytical capabilities and would like to evaluate additional sampling accessories, we can provide loaner devices to facilitate your selection of the optimal equipment for your application.