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bullit In 2002, S.I. Photonics was formed as a division of Spectral Instruments for the purpose of further developing spectroscopy related products. Today we continues this tradition of diversified product designs to accommodate our ever expanding client needs and desires. All of our instruments are high performance, precision UV-Vis spectrophotometers incorporating fiber optic sampling accessories for maximum versatility. As a result, S. I. Photonics has become a world leading manufacturer and supplier of precision spectrophotometers for academic and industrial applications.

Bullit S.I. Photonics continues to be managed by its founders - scientist and engineers who have played pioneering roles in the development of modern scientific array detector technology with proven capabilities in instrumentation development and manufacturing. Our staff continues to create products that are unequaled in performance, even for the most demanding applications

.Bullit S.I. Photonics is located in Tucson, Arizona, and enjoys collaboration with researchers at the University of Arizona, and other public and private high-technology organizations in Arizona's "Optics Valley." The close proximity to such leading institutions keeps S.I. Photonics abreast of the latest developments in optical and electro-optical technologies.